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Choose Lingerie for Different Body Types

Category: Correction underwear November 26th, 2011
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It is very important to woman to feel comfortable in what she is wearing not only outside but also inside. In case your body looks astonishing and slim you won’t have any problems with choosing any kind of underwear, but women are always not quite satisfied with their figures. We always think that our boobs are not big enough, our buts are slack and belly is sticking out. While keeping all that in mind, it is hard to relax wearing lingerie.

It shouldn’t be that way. Women should put on lingerie with excitement and feel totally self-confident under the looks of their partners. Sexy lingerie is a sure way to attract men’s attention or to call forth the feelings of earlier times with long-time partners, but it should be worn with confidence in own irresistibility. With our little secrets you will find out how to look gorgeous in lingerie with any body type.

First you should think what you are proud of in your body and what you would rather cover. Don’t be too critical, just simply familiarize with your body. Once you decided on areas you consider your trouble spots, it is time to start choosing lingerie according your body type.
Choosing lingerie from appropriate fabrics is important. Notice that flimsy fabrics flatters smaller frames whereas a heavier fabrics is more suitable for larger frames. Lingerie with more seaming will hold in any bulges, especially bustier and corset.

If the top or bottom of your body is heavy, get a two-toned look: wear darker piece on a larger part of body and lighter on a smaller part. It will equate your look. High-waist panties are perfect for women with thicker middles. Boy shorts also can correct the appearance of this body part.
Remember, nowadays there is great variety of lingerie suitable for any kind of body shape, just be persistent in finding lingerie that works best for you. From designers like Vera Wang to popular retailers like Victoria’s Secret, there is a great choice of amazing lingerie for everybody.


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