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Bloomers in fashion???

Category: Correction underwear June 9th, 2009
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There is fashion for everything: for clothes, shoes, cars, etc. No wonder lingerie fashion also exists. Few people know how lingerie fashion developed over the years. But what is obvious is that as time passed lingerie became smaller and now it can be even described as “tiny”.

It’s probably hard to believe but some time ago people didn’t wear any lingerie at all. Women wore long shirts with nothing under them.

black bloomers

Only in the 19th century bloomers became fashionable. Moreover, at the beginning only courtesans dared to wear them. Bloomers were intended for tempting men.

You will be surprised but bloomers were considered very sexy! They became the first erotic lingerie that was used as underwear. Much later descent women adopted them into their wardrobes and started enjoying the comfort bloomers gave.

sexy bloomers

The person who invented bloomers was an Italian actor who first appeared at the stage in these funny pants. A hundred years later the 1st Duke of Wellington followed the example and since that lots of men in Europe began wearing bloomers. Men wore bloomers as outwear while women hid them under their skirts.

white bloomers

Generally speaking bloomers are short pants narrowed to the knee. These were made from tlight fabric and decorated with lace and ribbons.

Nowadays people laugh at bloomers, make stories about them but some still wear them as warm, comfortable or corrective underwear.

Many of us think that bloomers have gone away and will never return to fashion again. Besides, some reckon them as items for very old or obese women o wear only. But if we really think that bloomers are no longer popular why there are so many of them in stores?


There are three main types of bloomers you can come across with. The first type is usually made of cotton, flannel and even wool.

They are intended for those who worry about their health and can’t stand cold. Such lingerie is not erotic at all and serves only practical purposes. They protect from the cold, nothing more.

Madonna's bloomers

The second type of bloomers is made of lycra, with insets of various elastic fabrics. These bloomers help women who suffer excessive weight problem to correct their figure flaws visually.

Corrective lingerie can make thighs and waist smaller and is unnoticeable under clothes. Such bloomers are very popular.


MadonnaAnd the third type of bloomers is the highly fashionable. Silk, satin, embroidered, embellished with stresses, ribbons and lace, bloomers are demonstrated by fashionistas boldly.

Madonna has recently shocked the public with her appearance in the street wearing beautiful red silk bloomers. Since that her style has been copied by many.

Bloomers with nice embellishment and of good tailoring can substitute shorts and breeches in your wardrobe.

Of course this variant is not good for everyone. Few of us will dare to show up in public wearing the item that our grandmothers never wore out of their bedrooms.

Anyway modern bloomers are great. Many designers offer us to wear them at home and even as evening wear. They say accessories in this case are of utmost importance. Depending on what you pair your bloomers with your look changes.
The fact whether we can or can’t wear bloomers as outwear is very disputable. But if we remember corsets we will understand that bloomers can as well return to our life and stay for long.
If you feel risqué enough to put the bloomers on, adorn yourself with nice accessories and you will be in the center of attention!
By the way, what do you think about the combination of a corset with bloomers?


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