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Bigger Boobies with Yoobies Inflatable Bra and Inserts!

Category: Correction underwear, Lingerie shop July 9th, 2010
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It’s a fact that 97,8% woman want bigger boobs. But many bras usually offer either more lift, more va-voom or greater degree cleavage, but there hasn’t been anything that lets ladies have it all in one.

And guess what, something new has been invented in the bra world! Women, who were looking for something they couldn’t find, decided to make that thing themselves. Yoobies Inc. is new company that was actually founded by a mom, couple daughters and one of their sorority sisters. I admire and respect such women a lot!

bigger boobs with yoobies bra

At the first sight Yoobies may look like ordinary padded bra(and that’s a good thing!), but what makes them really special is the actual inserts nature.

With Yoobies Inflatable Bra technology, women have an opportunity to go from business hour to happy hour with the push of a button. Simply locate the scanty button on the outside edge of the cotton-covered pad and gently crush. Watch the Yoobies inflate in just seconds. Too much va-voom? Press the same button while gently squeezing out the air. And in a moment you have bigger boobs and feel a lot more confident!

yoobies inflatable bra large

Some good news for those women conscious having different-sized breasts or post-mastectomy! Yoobies allow the wearer to single out how much air goes into each side. As light as conduct, Yoobies never weigh women down and are safe to wear in swimsuits.

Yoobies inserts, available in four sizes and couple colors, will be available for $24 exclusively at starting July 5th. The Yoobies Bra ($69) direction be available shortly thereafter and features special pockets that hold Yoobies in charge.

Watch the video to find out more about having bigger boobs with Yoobies bra

Watch Yoobies debuts Inserts and Bras at Curve:



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