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Bethenny Frankel Launches Skinnygirl Shapewear Range

Category: Correction underwear May 24th, 2012
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Bethenny Frankel has created Skinnygirl Shapers, or shapewear that looks like lingerie, and it’s now available for under $50 at Macy’s. She says her shapewear line is “lazy lingerie”, as we can “already be sexy” in it for a date. She told People magazine:

The complaint with shapewear is which it’s not something we wish people to see. But this is something we essentially wish people to see.”

It’s quiescent lingerie. You’re wearing it now, as well as if we take your garments off, you’re already voluptuous for your father or your beloved or for a date.”

Bethenny Frankel launched Skinnygirl Shapewear – ‘lazy lingerie’ range as she claims.

Not long ago the shapewear was presented at Macy’s. The collection includes child shorts, camis, lingerie-inspired slips, briefs.

Bethenny said:

I wear cave underneath a blazer, underneath a cardigan, underneath a voluptuous skirt infrequently for a summer, with a small peeking out a top. It creates me feel some-more voluptuous … even only carrying it upon underneath my garments we feel a small some-more feminine.”

Bethenny used friends as well as colleagues to indication her Skinnygirl Smoothers n’ Shapers in a latest campaign. The 41-year-old star longed for to fill a opening in a market. She explained:

Fans ask for incomparable crater sizes, opposite crater sizes, comfort, price. One distance does not fit all. We have a single object which we can wear with your own bra, since a little women have been incomparable breasted or only trustworthy to their own bras. There have been classics, as well as there have been a some-more ‘wow’ moments, though all of it is labelled for each woman.”

At the photo above: Non-wire style cami (left) priced at $38 and the wired variety (right) priced at $38. All items are made from what Bethenny has called ‘power mesh’.

Lace boyleg underwear (left) is priced at $26 and high-waisted briefs (right) are priced at $30.

A polka dot slip (left) is priced at $48 and a lace bodysuit (right) is priced at $48.


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