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A male bra. What is that?

Category: Correction underwear, Mens underwear June 4th, 2009
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Men wear bras, that’s a fact though women might find it somewhat strange.


The matter is, male bra that’s often referred to as “a bro” and a woman’s bra have a lot in common, they both are supposed to support. A significant difference is that one of main’s purposes of a male’s bra is to flatten, and a rare girl would choose this reason for wearing a bra (remember what girls wear push ups for?)

Anyways, another word for a male’s bra is a compression bra (vest) or a gynecomastia vest, and there are two main categories of men who can go for wearing the bra.


Some men who’ve developed breasts because of obesity or muscular development or gynecomastia (the development of abnormally large mammary glands in males resulting in breast enlargement) wear bras to flatten breasts and flatter their appearance.

The other category of men wears bras for the purpose of cross-dressing when we talk about transvestic fetishism or feminization.

No mater what the reason is, a male bra is another item of men’s lingerie, though unlike some others, it’s pretty optional.


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