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Underwear as Outerwear Lady Gaga-style

Category: Celebrity in lingerie December 28th, 2010
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Underwear as Outerwear Lady Gaga-style

Lady Gaga is known for her fashion – revealing lace clothes, latex, and creative accessories. But she’s also a known underwear as outerwear fashionista. She’s often seen in bodies, bras and panties. She usually flaunts the stage in a catsuit or a creative lingerie set. Once she even set her corset on fire.

Underwear as Outerwear Lady Gaga-style

Lady Gaga doesn’t like plain lace and cute little bows. Her underwear is edgy, creative, and sometimes even dangerous. Made of unusual materials such as leather, latex, plastic, and metal Lady Gaga’s underwear is in style with her crazy fashion. Would you wear one of these pieces? What do you think about Underwear as Outerwear Lady Gaga-style?


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