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Sarah Shahi in Underwear for Esquire

Category: Celebrity in lingerie February 4th, 2011
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Sarah Shahi in Underwear for Esquire

Fairly Legal‘s Sarah Shahi known for her roles in The L Word and Life has posed in some hot underwear for Esquire magazine. Sarah Shahi really looks gorgeous and fit making it to the top lists of hottest women in some of men’s magazines. Wearing just tops and panties Sarah Shahi can sizzle the whole photo shoot.

While looking super hot in tees and tanks Sarah Shahi also tries lingerie sets and hot black slip for the shoot in Esquire. But the secret to looking picture perfect in a lingerie photo shoot is that Shahi knows how to strike the right pose showing off the best of her body.

Talking about her house and things she enjoys in it Sarah Shahi shared that:

I can’t sleep with anything on my legs. So I just sleep with a T-shirt. I really love like curling up underneath the covers — flannel. I cannot get enough of my flannel sheets.

Who needs restraining PJs when one can just slip into a loose and free T-shirt?


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