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Milla Yovovich Strips Off For Maxim

Category: Celebrity in lingerie March 15th, 2012
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Milla Jovovich isn’t the one who keeps her body under cover. Moreover, she demonstrates it quite often and is proud of this. Not that I approve it but she has a gorgeous figure and hiding it from people would be nearly a crime. Posing for Maxim Australia the actress demonstrates all she has and looks fantastic doing that.


Milla Yovovich, who poses in a number of black underwear sets, has told the men’s magazine about her strange hobbies, the most rebellious moments in life and many other interesting things.


Read the highlights from Milla Jovovich’s interview for Maxim Australia Mach 2012 issue:

On her strange hobby: “I collect dollhouses – I have, like, nine. I’m really into creating worlds. I’ll just sit for hours putting up the wallpaper and hooking up the electricity.”


On her holiday from hell: “I had a grueling trip to Peru once. I was in the middle of nowhere with my mum and a couple of friends, and we just weren’t prepared for the intensity of the hikes. At one point my mum was like [in Russian accent], ‘They must send helicopter, or I will have heart attack.’”

On her most rebellious moment: “Probably being on the cover of High Times as a teen.”

Milla Yovovich strips off for Maxim Magazine:


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