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Eva Amurri for Maxim April 2011

Category: Celebrity in lingerie March 12th, 2011
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Eva Amurri for Maxim April 2011

Eva Amurri has also posed for Maxim April 2011 issue. Californication star showed off her curves in some sexy lingerie and killer heels. Sporting lingerie sets, suspenders belts and high-waist knicker Eva Amurri showed off her trim figure and told Maxim about her love for sports, her role in Californication and having a Hollywood family.

Eva Amurri told Maxim she played soccer while growing up along with softball and ice hockey. She also danced in African dance group.
About her Californication role as a stripper Amurri said she always wanted to play such role and be able to “prance around like we [girls] do in our bedrooms”.

When asked about difficulties of having a famous mom (Susan Sarandon) Amurri said:

We don’t really look alike, and I have a different last name, so in auditions a lot of people didn’t know. But people love “got off the bus from Idaho” stories, so they’re not rooting for you if you’re from a family that’s done it. They think you don’t deserve it, even if you’re working to fight that perception. But it’s also great in some ways, so, you know, don’t cry for me, Argentina.


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