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Emma Blocksage is sexy in lingerie for Debenhams

Category: Celebrity in lingerie April 9th, 2010
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Emma Blocksage is sexy in lingerie for Dobenhams S/S 2010

British model and TV presenter Emma Blocksage, better known as Emma B strips down to lingerie to promote Debenhams’ Spring/Summer 2010 collection in sexy knickers and flirty bras.

Emma Blocksage strips to lingerie for Debenhams

While some pieces she dons are bright and super girlie others are more neutral in both color and decoration. Regardless of the design, lingerie features lace, satin and prints.

Emma Blocksage strips to sexy lingerie for Debenhams

We heart the bright blue polka-dot set with tons of frills!

Emma Blocksage promotes Debenhams' Spring/Summer 2010 lingerie collection

Debenhams is a British retailer operating under a department store format in the UK.


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