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Vogue Brazil Brides Shows Beautiful Lingerie

Category: Bridal lingerie June 10th, 2011
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Vogue Brazil Brides Beautiful Lingerie

Wedding is an important occasion. There are many preparations to be done and things to be considered and bridal lingerie is far not the smallest thing of all. It should be invisible under the gown but it should also be sexy and beautiful. Of course you can have two sets of bridal lingerie functional and beautiful but you can also find the nice piece that combine comfort, function and beauty. Vogue Brazil Brides shows some beautiful bridal lingerie.

Vogue Brazil Brides has recruited model Bruna Erhardt and photographer Renam Christofoletti to create this beautiful wedding lingerie photoshoot. Luxurious lace and embroidery are combined with clear lines and sleek designs.From ruffled panties to sleek bodysuits this bridal lingerie would suit any gown.

When choosing bridal lingerie take into consideration your dress color, texture and design. Sleek dresses go well only with sleek lingerie. Puffy ones can bear some bulges of underwear ruffles without breaking the lines of skirt. If your bridal lingerie should be sleek and more functional than elaborate try to decorate it with some accessories like an ornate robe, cheeky garter or stockings.



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