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How to Choose Wedding Lingerie

Category: Bridal lingerie November 12th, 2011
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The wedding day is the most important and the most stirring moment for every single woman. From the moment the girl starts fully apprehend the world around, she starts dreaming about this very special day. Only this significant day lets the typical girl perceive herself as a real princess from her dreams with all the corresponding attributes: ball gown, wedding outfits, fancy hairdo with a sparkling tiara, beautiful strass or pearl jewelry and a bridal veil. But among all the pleasant wedding vanities it is significant not to forget about details that go under the gown- bridal lingerie.

Finding the perfectly fit bridal lingerie is as important as finding the right dress. Don’t leave purchasing the bridal lingerie to the very last moment. In most cases bridal shops insist on wearing that exact lingerie on fittings that you will put on your wedding day itself, because it will let to make the exact adjustments to your figure.

The most important rule- your wedding lingerie should be both beautiful and invisible under your dress, so try to avoid buying lingerie of different color than your dress’s or purchase beige lingerie. While choosing wedding lingerie remember that it should be really comfortable as you will be wearing it all day long. Even a little discomfort can make you nervous. The majority of women wears bras of the wrong size, don’t do this mistake on your wedding day. It is an obligatory to wear correctly fitting lingerie of your size. Delicate garter along with lacy gentle stockings under your wedding gown will composite a playful accessory on your wedding night.
For brides with small bust are recommended wearing traditional full cupped or padded bras, what allows to trick the guests and make your breasts look bigger. Frill will also help to visually increase your bust. Wearing half cupped bras is a taboo; it will only make them seem smaller than they really are.

The lucky owners of full busts should choose fuller figure underwire bras what will provide brides with important support. Smooth bras without any obvious accents like lace and frills will make your bust look smaller. The big NO is wearing bras with little fabric; it will not only provide sufficiently support but also make your bust look loose.


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