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Beauty in the Sport: Football in Lingerie

The fastest growing sport in USA offers a lot of action for everyone.

Category: Sexy lingerie January 31st, 2012
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Just when you thought that American Football couldn’t be any more interesting, here we present the Lingerie Football League. Take a minute to Google it… and then quickly delete your browser history.
Just look at them!… Beautiful? Yes! Rude? A lot! Sexy? Obviously! It is such a rare thing to see women so spicy and so aggressive. And a big reason to appear like that would be if you a part of the very few Lingerie Football teams in the world.


So what is the Lingerie Football League? Simply, an American Football in which the games are played by some of the most beautiful, athletic, and sexy women on earth. These girls are wearing lingerie-style padded uniforms and are tackling each other throughout the game. Currently, the Lingerie Football League is made of twelve teams, or six in each division (Eastern & Western Conference). Teams have phenomenal, sexy-girl names like “Fantasy” and “Bliss,” “Charm” and “Passion.” NBC Sports even says that today the Lingerie Football League is “the fastest growing pro-sports league in the nation.” and it is starting to get many people’s attention. The athletes in the league are competitive, frisky, and have tremendous talent.


This is the true end of the gender discrimination in professional sports. Are you athletic? Competitive? Fast? Strong? Here’s a dream opportunity! Now you have the chance to mix Football with Victoria’s Secret. All jokes aside, but these girls can really play the game. Everybody should give these football babes a chance. These ladies play hard and won’t take anything from anyone. It does not matter if you are a sports fan or not, the LFL definitely offers a lot of action and excitement for everyone.


This year the Lingerie Football League season will come to an end on Sunday, Feb. 5th in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the Orleans Arena thousands of people will witness the fight between the strong and talented beauties from the teams of Philadelphia Passion and Los Angeles Temptation. The LFL Final will be an “eye-opening” event for many football fans around the world. The Philadelphia Passion will be out for revenge after losing to the Temptation, in the last year’s final. The game promises to be hot from start to finish. Therefore get ready in front of your TVs on the fifth of February for a full immersion in one exciting and chili performance.


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