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Men Who Prefer Boxers Are Great Lovers, But Not Reliable Partners

Category: Mens underwear March 17th, 2012
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man prefer boxers

The men’s underwear demonstrates the sexual attitudes and intimate moods. The choice of underwear is the key to the sexual perception of man. It also shows your ability to get involved in romantic fantasies and break the sexual conservatism.

man prefer boxers

Men who prefer boxers would like to manage everything around themselves – people, work, money. They often succeed because they know what they want and how to achieve it. Their initiative, however, is close to egotism and pedantry. They operate in a way that is unique for them. They are filed with thoughts of permanent conquests and achievements. Therefore it shows that they are not very faithful partners and spouses.

man prefer boxers

The men in boxers know how to charm women, they are lively and energetic. They can also love passionately and create the same desires and emotions in their partners. Living with such a man is full time pleasure, but it is also risky because of their inconstancy.

man prefer boxers

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