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Flawless ‘Flatter Me Bra’ by Marks & Spencer

Category: Lingerie news April 9th, 2011
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Flawless 'Flatter Me Bra' by Marks & Spencer

You’ve probably faced this problem when your bust is spilling out and looks kinda strange. Well, Marks & Spencer’s ‘Flatter Me Bra’ promises no unflattering bulges. This 50s-inspired brassiere was designed using corsetry techniques. The bra band is wide and provides good support while giving you slim, push up and plunge effect.

Flawless 'Flatter Me Bra' by Marks & Spencer

Wrong-size bra creates unflattering bulges

The ‘Flatter Me Bra’ features boning at the band like classic corsetry. The bra will cost £25 and go on sale next month. Women who often face this problem can eliminate it by getting fitted to wear a right-size bra. If you seek for retro profile then ‘Flatter Me Bra’ is what you need.

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