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Category: Celebrity in lingerie November 18th, 2011
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Every woman would want to know what celebrities put on under their clothes in order to look so sexy and stunning wearing their tight-fitting outfits on the red carpets and while looking at us from TV screens. We were rumored that celebrities choose the following lingerie brands and types.

Cameron Diaz just loves boys shorts. During filming in “What happens in Vegas” movie, Diaz ordered several pairs What Lingerie Celebrities Wear
Madonna was noticed wearing this bra twice: the first time in her “Sticky and Sweet” tour, and for the US Magazine Photo Shoot. What Lingerie Celebrities Wear
Tyra Banks praised this boy short on her show: “It is like wearing no panty at all.” What Lingerie Celebrities Wear
Catherine Zeta-Jones fully depends on Torso Trim Camisole to look slim from every viewpoint while being filmed. What Lingerie Celebrities Wear
Jessica Alba said in the interview that during shooting in the movie “The Fantastic Four” she relied on Spax to look slim in her tight solid costume. What Lingerie Celebrities Wear
Jennifer Lopez in order to avoid visible panty outlines, wears Comando thongs by Her Look What Lingerie Celebrities Wear
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