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Fergie, corset-sexy for Dr. Pepper Cherry

Category: Celebrity in lingerie January 12th, 2011
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Fergie, corset-sexy for Dr. Pepper Cherry

Fergie appeared corset-sexy for Dr. Pepper Cherry commercial. Dark-haired with crimson lips Fergie donned a black bodysuit under the underbust corset and back robe matching her outfit to Dr. Pepper Cherry soda. The ensemble made the Black Eyed Peas singer look like Elvira.

Pulling off a stunt with cherry stalk Fergie smiles and looks super sexy. Her outfit includes several pieces all black – a bodysuit under the corset and black robe. The corset is worn over the robe though creating a shapely silhouette. Opened at the hips the robe shows off Fergie’s legs on black heeled shoes.

Fergie, corset-sexy for Dr. Pepper Cherry

The whole commercial is said to be an allusion to 90s’ hit TV show Twin Peaks by David Lynch where an actress Sherilyn Fenn performs the same cherry stalk stunt being dressed in black dress and having dark curly hair.

Fergie, corset-sexy for Dr. Pepper Cherry

Check out the commercial itself and comment below.

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